Combined Community Council

The Combined Community Council (CCC) is the peak group that consists of all ACT Community Councils, Gunghalin (GCC), Belconnen (BCC), North Canberra (NCCC), Inner South (ISCCC), Weston Creek (WCCC), Woden Valley (WVCC) and Tuggeranong (TCC). The objective is to arrive at a common position  and submit this to decision makers. Finding common ground and reaching consensus is a difficult task for so geographically diverse residents groups.

The CCC was initially formed in 2010 and holds about three or more  meetings a year.  Ad hoc meetings with the ACT Govt are also held as the need arises. All community councils are represented at ACTPLA’s quarterly Planning & Development Forum (PDF).

Included below are some docs relating to some CCC meetings. The ACT Govt does not appear to be listening or acting on all  concerns raised eg request for a better review of  planning decisions and administration of concessional leases

The Combined Community Council will have all this and more updates on a Facebook website :

 2014 May CCC at WCCC

Letter to Gallagher, Rattenbury & Hanson re Project Facilitation Bill

CCC Correspondence to Gallagher, Hanson & Rattenbury 6 May 2014

Other Correspondence

CCC Correspondence to CM Gallagher May 2014

CCC Correspondence to Min Corbell re Precinct Codes – May 2014

CCC Correspondence to Min Corbell

CCC Correspondene to Min Rattenbury re Election Commitments

2014 Feb CCC at ISCCC

Correspondence to Decision Makers 2014

CCC to Corbell re 2012 election promises 3 March 2014

CCC to Corbell re PCs 2 March 2014

CCC to Gallagher re Concessional leases 11 March 2014

CCC to Ponton 28 Feb 2014 re TAs

     Response to CCC Ponton to CCC Use of TAs

CCC to Rattenbury re 2012 election promises 3 March 2014

 Agenda – Combined Community Councils Meeting 15 Feb 2014

2013 Nov at BCC

2013 Nov at TCC Agenda

2013 Sept at BCC

CCC Draft Agenda 7 Sep 2013

Minutes BCC Sept 2013

2013 July at WCCC

Minutes WCCC July 2013

2013 May at WCCC

Minutes WCCC May 2013

2013 Mar GCC

Minutes GCC Mar 2013

2012 Nov at GCC

Minutes GCC Nov 2012

2012 June at GCC

Minutes GCC June 2012

Agenda 2012 June at GCC

CCC – Operating Parameters June 2012 at GCC

Specific issues 2012 June GCC

CCC Motions 2012 June at GCC

2012 April CCC at GCC

Agenda April Meeting of ACT CCC

Minutes GCC April 2012

Notes of Meeting 28 April 2012 at GCC

Draft policy Issues 2012 April GCC

Notes of Meeting 28 April 2012 at GCC

Draft policy Issues 2012 April GCC

Letter to Chief Minister May 2012

CCC Actions

2011 Dec CCC at ISCCC

Draft Agenda3Dec2011

ISCCC Motion for CCC on Planning Dispute Resolution

2011 July at BCC

Agenda BCC July 2011

 2011 Mar CCC at WVCC

CCC WVCC Agenda 19mar11

CCC WVCC Attendees – Mar 2011


Record CCC Mtg Mar2011

CCC Engagement with Property Council

Corbell to CCC 20 6 11 010

Stanhope letter to Coleman Marie on Dickson Plan Mar 2011.

2010 CCC at TCC

CCC TCC Agenda & Attendees – 20 November 2010

Minutes of Combined Community Councils Meeting – 20 November 2010

CCC Motion 20Nov10 FINAL

Stanhope Letter 8 MAR 2011