Planning and Development


Planning in the  ACT is mostly governed by the planning authority ACTPLA (Australian Capital Territory Planning and Land Authority). They have developed an interactive map that enables all users to view detailed information related to every block in Canberra called ACTMAPi. You can use this tool to investigate all current blocks with development application lodged and the different zonings of all areas in Canberra.  ACTPLA & the ACT Govt set planning rules in Territory Plan and the Planning & Development ACT and regulations under the latter. Changes are made by draft variations and technical amendments.

The National Capital Authority (NCA) has planning responsibility for designated areas. Planning at the airport is under the control the Dept of Infrastructure & Transport.

NCA Forum

Questions were raised at the NCA Forum, in June 2013, regarding the preservation of the forest between Canberra Ave and Matina St Narrabundah. TAMS Minister, was previously questioned about maintenance of the forest at a ISCCC Forum.

NCA Forum 13 June 2013  

Tony Powell

Anyone wanting an understanding of how planning has evolved and works in the ACT is urged to read the following paper by AJ Powell AO from June 2012. The Future role of the NCA. Particular attention should be paid to regional transport  planning.


Current Planning Applications 

Development Applications (DAs)  available for public feedback are on the ACTPLA website ‘       section.  Not all DAs are publicly available. There are exemptions, like knockdown/rebuilds, that are not publicly available except to next door neighbours. If you have concerns please contact ONCC Inc.

ONCC Inc Position

ONCC Inc is not anti-development and sees change as inevitable. Urban intensification will happen and that is why we vigorously oppose loss of public facilities and land.   We believe that there must be a balance between existing residents and developers. Development is a vital part of the ACT economy and major employer. There must be real transparency and consultation with the parties affected by a development.

We encourage people wanting to develop to engage with the neighbours so that any legitimate concerns are addressed at the concept stage. Negotiations with Madison, over the Hungarian Club site, resulted in a win win outcome. Please see Hungarian Club post to get an idea of what could have been built.