Agenda Next Meeting – Monday 13 Dec 21

Next ONCC meeting
The last ONCC meeting for the year will be held in the Tennis Hut on Kootara Crescent at 7pm Monday 13 December. All welcome. We will have a presentation from a representative of Transport

Tie a big red ribbon round the (Burr) oak tree
What’s with the red ribbons tied around the oak trees in Bundeela St? To find out, go to: 

Raising of London Circuit and associated traffic arrangements 
Community consultation by the National Capital Authority is open for the raising of London Circuit project. More informaiton and opportunity to comment is at: 

Painting the tennis hut 
As part of the tennis court rehabilitation project we are painting the interior of the tennis hut. We are hoping to complete the work this weekend. If you can spare some time and would like to help out with the painting (brushes, rollers and paints supplied) send us an email at:

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