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Woodbridge Collection

Grant Woodbridge is the son of Wally Woodbridge, President of Kingston Narrabundah RSL in 1966. Grant has shared the 8mm film of the 1966 Narrabundah ANZAC Day that was filmed by his mother Barbara and Wally. The RSL organised the ANZAC Day march from Iluka St, Narrabundah Shops down Kootara Cres to the RSL from 1962 till 1983 when the Australian Hungarian Club bought the club premises.

The first part of the video is the unveiling and blessing of the Lest We Forget commemoration stone at the club on ANZAC Day eve. The gathering of participants at the shops, the march and ceremony at the commemorative Lest We Forget stone on ANZAC Day

Gai Brodtman MHR, Member or Canberra, has agreed to fund the editing.

The film has been converted to digital format and needs editing. Some stills of the five minute video are included below, I need to identify as many people as possible. It is assumed that most of the returned service personnel are now deceased.

Thanks to Bill Nicholson, 2014 President of the Burns Club Pipe Band who recognized himself and Chris van Reesch who recalled the Catafalque Party.

If you are able to identify anyone please email me: austinlynch60@gmail.com with the image number name and where they are from L – C – R.

Image 1 edited (2)
Image 1 – L-R  William Keys, National Secretary RSL, Wally Woodbridge, President Kingston Narrabundah RSL, Father J M Hoare, Duntroon Chaplain,  Padre D G Johnson
Image 2 edited (2)
Image 2 – Same 3 left as image 1
Image 3 edited (2)
Image 3 – L-R Jim Fraser MHR, Member for Canberra
Image 4 edited
Image 4
Image 5 edited
Image 5
Image 6 edited
Image 6
Image 7 edited
Image 7


Image 8 edited
Image 8
Image 9 edited
Image 9 – Burns Club Pipe band members before march
Image 10 edited
Image 10 – Burns Club Pipe band members before march
Image 11 edited
Image 11
Image 12 edited
Image 12
Image 13 edited
Image 13
Image 14 edited
Image 14
Image 15 edited
Image 15 – Burns Club set formation
Image 16 edited
Image 16 – Burns Club Pipe band enters Kootara Cres from Iluka St Narrabundah Left Centre Front Drum Major Bill Rudd, back centre, Bass Drummer WJC Nicholson
Image 17 edited
Image 17
Image 18 edited
Image 18
Image 19 edited
Image 19
Image 20 edited
Image 20
Image 21 edited
Image 21
Image 22 edited
Image 22
Image 23 edited
Image 23
Image 24 edited
Image 24
Image 25 edited
Image 25
Image 26 edited
Image 26
Image 27 edited
Image 27
Image 28 edited
Image 28
Image 29 edited
Image 29
Image 30 edited
Image 30 – Soldiers L Greg Rimes R Chris van Reesch
Image 31 edited
Image 31 – Centre right, Catafalque Commander John Pike
Image 32 edited
Image 32 – Centre Soldier, Cpl Gordon Bruce
Image 33 edited
Image 33 – L2 Soldier, Ken Bateup
image 34 edited
Image 34 – L Jim Fraser MHR receives wreath from Wally Woodbridge L3
Image 35 edited
Image 35 – L centre Jim Fraser lays wreath at Lest We Forget Stone
image 36 edited
Image 36
Image 37 edited
Image 37
March Still 1
Image 38
March Still 2
Image 39
drummer boy 1966
Image 40

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