Tennant St Fyshwick waste proposal – have your say

Tennant St Fyshwick waste proposal – have your say

A second waste proposal is with the ACT Government requesting approval to transport by road up to 1.3 million tonne of waste into Fyshwick. Documents in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) EIS201900001 indicate that a substantial amount will come from Windellama landfill 90km away. Hazardous fly ash and asbestos are included in the waste streams. Uncovered stockpiles of dry waste will be onsite.
(Did you know ACT already recycles 70% of the total 1 million tonne we produce now at our Mugga facility with the other 30% going to landfill?)

This proposal will include concrete crushing, asbestos handling, and contaminated waste storage to name just a few processes. These materials are of concern because of the microscopic dust they give off. The EIS does not describe how dust will be suppressed, it does not address the health impact of these microscopic airborne particulates on the 13,400 workers in Fyshwick or nearby residents, which is us.

The EIS does not cover the environmental impact of heavy metals entering the Molonglo River or the wetland located just off Tennant St Fyshwick or the risk of fire with stockpiles of flammable waste. The EIS does not address the impact of 1/2 million heavy truck movements each year on Fyshwick business operations or health of their workers (i.e. a truck and dog trailer combination every 7 minutes 365 days a year). No other Australian jurisdiction allows this type of industry in close proximity to populated areas.

ONCC is encouraged by the ACT Government’s statement that they will be guided by the opinions of the community. If you consider this EIS proposal unacceptable please write to EPDCustomerservices@act.gov.au by 17th September referring to EIS 201900001 and CC your objection to our local elected members, who need to get the message that we don’t want that type of industry located in Fyshwick close to us.

Andrew Barr MLA barr@act.gov.au
Candice Burch MLA candice@parliament.act.gov.au
Elizabeth Lee MLA lee@parliament.act.gov.au
Rachel Stephen-Smith MLA stephen-smith@act.gov.au
Shane Rattenbury MLA rattenbury@act.gov.au

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