Tie a (Red) Ribbon round the Burr Oak Tree

What’s with the big red ribbons tied on all the street trees in Bundeela Street?
An alert Narrabundah resident has told us that these lovely big red ribbons are to celebrate the street trees in Bundeela St, which are called Burr Oak Trees (Quercus macrocarpa if you want to know their formal name), being granted a heritage listing by the ACT government.

According to the Conservator of Flora and Fauna: :…the broad spreading canopies of the street trees of Bundeela street create an attractive and leafy archway along the entire street. (They) are sound and healthy and are an exceptional example of a mature streetscape using this species…”

So congratulations to Bundeela street residents for hosting these significant and beautiful trees. The ribbons will be up for a month or so and will signpost the heritage listed trees and their shady and attractive streetscape.

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